Decentralized discourse

Capsule Social is building discourse technologies that are resistant to takedowns, censorship and mob intimidation.

We believe in a world where a cryptographically validated social identity can lend your freedom of expression more resilient. We're pairing this understanding with a decentralized, validated mesh to empower self-expression online.


Capsule Social's first technology release is coming mid-2021.

We're looking to leverage IPFS, as well as customizable blockchain environments such as DFINITY in order to create a tailored online expression platform with recoverable social wallets, incentivized pro-mesh behavior, and other applied concepts.

We're also researching new ways to deal with online safety via voluntary, reward-based decentralized moderation so that readers can obtain the benefits of moderated content without imposing a veil of content controls on an entire audience.

About Capsule Social

Capsule Social was founded in February 2021 by Dr. Nadim Kobeissi, an applied cryptography researcher with experience in online freedom of expression issues. Learn more on the Team page.

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