Decentralized discourse

Nadim Kobeissi • Founder & Research Director

Before Capsule Social, Nadim ran Symbolic Software, a Paris-based applied cryptography consulting office that offers security audits, cryptographic protocol design and formal verification services. Symbolic Software has completed and delivered over 250 software and cryptographic audits for clients all around the world.

Nadim is also the author of Verifpal, an automated cryptographic protocol modeling, analysis and verification framework used by Zoom, Bosch Research, Google and other large companies. Nadim holds a PhD in applied cryptography from the École Normale Supérieure in Paris, and previously served as a professor at New York University. Twitter

Marco Barulli • Chief Operations Officer

Marco started his career as a researcher in parallel computing and numerical analysis at the University of Bologna (Italy) and then at Loughborough University of Technology (UK). Aside from Capsule Social, Marco is also the founder of, a blockchain-based service for securing and managing intellectual property assets.  Twitter

Ashutosh Ahelleya • Engineering

Ashutosh studied Computer Science at Amrita University, India in 2020 where he spent most of his time focusing on information and application security, and playing security-based Capture-The-Flag competitions. He is also interested in Applied Cryptography, and most of his projects, internships, and research are in this field. After graduating, he worked at a security startup FireCompass as a Security Researcher where he helped them build tools to automate security testing and detect latest vulnerabilities. Twitter

Lilian Desvaux de Marigny • User Experience Engineering

Lilian focuses on designing a user-friendly & intuitive end-product and working with the front-end team to build the interface of the final product and make it the best it can be. For Lilian, it's not just about making a good looking interface: it has to get the user to the point with minimal effort, while being enjoyable to use visually. Twitter

Jack Dishman • Engineering

Jack was born and raised in a small town in the North Shore of Massachusetts and started coding at the age of 15, writing custom Minecraft plugins and hosting multiplayer servers. Jack majored in Computer Science and Mathematics at Santa Clara University, where he was involved in the Math & CS Socity, a Radio Talk Show Host, and involved in Greek Life. Twitter

David Grisham • Software Engineer and Token Designer

Hi, this is Nadim. David hasn't filled in the internal doc we use to track employee bios yet, so I'm just writing some random stuff here. Basically David will work on IPFS and also our token strategy. Seems like a good guy. Hopefully David will fill in his employee bio soon. Meanwhile I will have to leave you now. Hope you're having a great day and scroll down for more employee bios. Thanks! Good luck!

Henry Rodriguez Herrera • Artist in Residence

As Capsule's artist-in-residence, Henry's task is to create an imagery that captures the essence of decentralized discourse to seduce and catch users attention as well as collaborate with the UI team to develop a unique experience. At Capsule Social, Henry contributes to the user experience team and the product design effort, as well as helping capture what Capsule's vision means when it brands itself as "decentralized discourse".

Christos Panagiotakopoulos • Engineering

Christos is a software engineer who studied at the National Technical University of Athens. He focused on software engineering from early on, studying a wide array of subjects that range from Web to Linux kernel development.

During his career as a software engineer, he had to create from scratch various software components, while focusing on quality code and good software craftsmanship. Being passionate about open-source, he frequently contributes to the broader FOSS ecosystem.

Christos is also the author of one of the most popular Greek chatbots, which helps its users navigate the city of Athens. Twitter

Aimee Shaw • User Experience

Aimee is a web and graphic designer with a particular interest in designing for social media interfaces. She enjoys understanding user behavior and being able to use that information to design delightful experiences. Fascinated by beautiful environments, creatures, and objects, she is also interested in the philosophy of design and in examining the social implications of product-making. When Aimee is not designing, she is blogging, exploring new places, and analyzing some of the greatest films ever made.

Rahul Trivedi • Engineering

Rahul contributes to the backend and IPFS related code. Currently, he is a Masters student at Warsaw University and studying Data Science & Business Analytics. Rahul is passionate about music, exploring new technologies and frameworks, and reading about new technologies related to blockchain. Twitter

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